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Our values

At Northern Marine our mission is to provide reliable and efficient management, combined with optimum operational safety. We keep our promises and deliver our very best across the spectrum of ship management services​, every single time.


Quality and Safety

We continually strive to achieve the highest levels of accreditation for individuals and processes, leading the way in achieving compliance and setting the bar high for all aspects of quality and safety​. Indeed, our aim is to go beyond compliance, establishing a culture of excellence across the organisation. Our focus on continuous improvement contributes to our outstanding safety record.


One of our most important values is our attitude to the people we work with. We are proud of our high staff retention rate as we see this as an indicator of a supportive management style and excellent working conditions. The success of Northern Marine depends on the commitment and competence of our people​, on the skills and experience which they develop as part of the organisation.



Our strong position in the field of ship management is based on the trust which our Clients place in our services​. Over many years, we have demonstrated levels of reliability. We have shown that quality and service are at the core of the organisation. We have developed a reputation as highly experienced providers of ship management services. And we are committed to maintaining this reputation as we look to the future. ​​​​​​​​


Stena Values

Stena is run on a few clear values. These values are the building blocks that are the basis for all business within the organisation:


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Committed people
  • Innovation
  • Result / Business Acumen


Read more about the values in Principles, convictions and basic values for Stena AB.​

Find out more about our tax strategy in the Stena AB Tax Strategy.

In adherence to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, please read our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Safety Culture

Safety Culture

Our target is zero personal injuries. We work to encourage and create a culture onboard where everyone positively reinforces safe behaviour and where everyone assists with the process of identifying barriers to working safely and assists in removing them.
Taking Care

Taking Care

"Care" is a key value within the entire Stena Group. We firmly believe in the importance of caring for our clients, for each other and for our environment. Watch the film "Take Care" here.